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Welcome to Promident Dental Clinic

Promident…means prominence in dental specialty. Our is an advanced dental center providing the highest quality dental care. We specialize in rejuvenating the facial appearance and maintaining a healthy smile. We dedicate our time and energy towards providing you with excellence in dental care in a warm, friendly and comfortable environment adhering to international standard. We pride ourselves at offering a supportive, healthy environment, where you can feel free to express concerns, hopes and expectations. The clinic owns a high standard sterilization procedure. All the instruments in the clinic must be disinfected in high temperature and high pressure every time before using. Our goal is to work partnership with our patients so that they can make informed decisions and select the treatment best suited to their needs.

Promident provides you the services those are guaranteed with optimal quality, cost effective, skilled and accurate.

We are committed to provide our patients with comprehensive, quality and compassionate dental care treatments. Promident has advanced dental medicine technique and modern dental equipment to able every patient smile in style.

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