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The Essentials of Vitamin D for your Teeth

For the last two years we are passing the most challenging time of our life span. Covid 19 pandemic just change our passion, life style, food habits and many other things. As a dental surgeon I do running my dental practice throughout the time with proper health maintenance and guidelines. During this session I just wondered that the dental problems increased enormously, to be specific the tooth damage problem. To satisfy my curious mind I do a research over my patients and surprisingly discover that, those patients who were most confined at house were mostly facing the tooth problems. And I do some investigations regarding Vitamin D level and revealed that majority of the effected patients had low vitamin D levels.
It’s already turns out vitamin D plays an important role in protecting your smile. It’s necessary for a variety of oral functions—including keeping your teeth strong, maintaining gum and bone health, and supporting your mouth’s immune response.
Vitamin D has even been shown to accelerate tooth movement during orthodontic work where it’s desired. Whether you’re still in braces or well beyond, evidence shows that maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels is associated with better oral development and health at all ages.

In the current era you just Google the source of Vitamin D and thousands of suggestions ready for you but I do like to tell you the most important source of Vitamin D…. Go to an open space in early morning and feel the sun for just 30 minutes for a day and certainly you store as sufficient as you required.

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